Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keeping the art of Ballet alive:

When introducing dance forms and watching dance studios open and close. The art of ballet has to be mentioned. Ballet is an interesting and relaxing form of entertainment. Unlike most upbeat dance routines, ballet uses a form of elegant tiptoeing, upper body movements, and bouncing as the music plays. Although some people do not understand the importance of training the toes and balancing the body, ballet still draws a lot of attention in most formal states. Originating in the Italian Renaissance (Wikipedia 2015), ballet is an art form taken seriously and requires active participation. The art combines articulating moves that require balance and emphatic motion. The art is often performed to classical tunes, but many modern age choreographers are utilizing new ways to revolutionize the art. The academics of ballet can enhance the mind by using numbers to stay in rhythm and in tune with the steps. When referring to the language of ballet it is recommended to study the history and the evolution of the art. Participation by anyone whether male or female can not only enhance the art but can draw others to want to learn more about this still useful dancing art form.  

For references and to learn more about the art of ballet visit your nearest resource or education department.

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