Friday, March 6, 2015

The making of a Theme:

Setting the theme requires an idea of what you want the audience to feel in regards to your show or program. The theme often comes with managing colors and music that gives your viewers the feeling that you want them to have when attending your show. Here is a good example of a men's exercise video theme format:
  1. Music: energetic heavy metal
  2. Colors: Dark metal gray
  3. Background: Steel Beams around the boarder of the video
  4. Setting: In a local gym
  5. Font: Impact or Bold letter font with hard colors
As you can see making a theme requires giving viewers and spectators the feeling of what is going on in the video, play, or song etc. Setting up a good theme requires experience on what the mood is like in a particular situation, event, or scene etc.. Another example would be if you're filming a scene at a wedding, the idea is to have everything the same way it would be at a real wedding. That setup is called the theme. Theme music is no different; you play the music that fits the mood or scenario.

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