Friday, March 27, 2015

What you need for your own Music Studio:

Here is a list of what you should have for your own Music Studio:
  1. A good microphone
  2. Audio interface or mixer to adjust sound levels
  3. Control surface
  4. About 40 audio cables, mandatory: 10 stereo 5 mono and 5 stereo to mono 5 XLR cables
  5. Computer and two computer monitors with a good sound card or fire wire system.
  6. Two Monitors for instruments and two smaller monitors for vocals
  7. Sound padding and foam for the both and sound room.
  8. Audio Snake to plug in the microphone to the audio devices etc.
  9. A good microphone stand.
  10. Patch bay just in case you have to hook up more audio devices.
  11. Surge suppressor for electrical plugins.
  12. A studio command system, preferably a Big Knob.
  13. Hard drive for memory
  14. A good computer mouse.
  15. Audio Software 
  16. Beat making software
  17. A production keyboard
  18. Pop filter for the microphone
  19. Some USB cables and adapters
  20. And a studio engineer if you are not one yourself
  21. There are other things you can add. Consult with your local music store for additional items like keyboards etc.

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