Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to find an Editor for your Manuscript:

When you develop the idea of writing a book the process starts once you finish your manuscript, then you have to find an editor. An editor is someone who has pretty good grammar skills and can make your work presentable to the public. Good editors are in the category of having an English degree or language degree depending on the language of your book etc.. This process takes some searching around, but chances are someone you know may be able to help you out. Keep in mind that editing is the longest process when aiming towards a published book. There are also many websites and companies that cater to aspiring authors. These websites have fees that you must pay for an editor. Most writers don't have a big budget so they find someone at church or someone they grew up with to help with the process etc.. The publishing process can be challenging and many authors self-publish to maintain control and work on their own schedules. If accepted by a major publishing house, chances are they will have editors on staff. In some cases if the writer is well educated he or she may edit the book themselves. I would not recommend that, but some authors do. A second opinion is always a good tip. A good thing to do when publishing a book is to have a few proof readers before you go to print. It's also important to get better with time and remember no book is perfect. Fail, get up, try, and fall down until you get it right; then you write about it. Good Luck:-)

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