Monday, March 30, 2015

Latasha the Cheerleader and her Lucky Tumble:

The Method 8 Squad football team seemed to be in good condition to win the game until a field goal late in the second half. The team had already battled back in the game with a touchdown late in the third quarter. It was an ugly game but the team who came out on top would be in the playoffs. The score was only 14-10 with the Method 8 Squad having the lead and the other team driving in the last 2 minutes of the game. Off in the distance you could see cheerleaders flipping and shouting for the home team, then that is when it happened. John Boss the quarter back from the opposing team dropped back in the pocket but for some reason one of the cheerleaders caught his eye. Latasha Winfield and John had a thing for each other even though she had been a cheerleader for the Method 8 Squad. In the middle of the play she flipped and tumbled then fell smack on her face, while John was passing the ball he noticed it out of the corner of his eye and threw an interception. Raymond Jackson ran it back for a touchdown and did his two step in the end zone as the crowd swarmed the field. The Method 8 Squad had won the game all because of Latasha and her lucky tumble. The crowd went wild as eight balls were thrown on the field and everyone spray painted the goal post with black spray paint. As John went to the bench upset, Latasha ran past him and celebrated with the Method 8 Squad. "Give me a 'M' you got yo M you got yo M, give me an E.........." 

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