Monday, March 9, 2015

The Prison Inmate who got his Lucky Break:

He fought, he tried, and he was guilty. Gregory Fox was innocent in his own mind, but to the jury he was guilty. It all started when his wife came home late one night. She and Gregory got in a tough fight. It went from shouting to throwing things. Gregory hit the floor after being hit with a glass vase that weighed about two pounds. When he got hit he thought about what his therapist had said about walking away but his wife would not let up. She then ran to go down stairs, Gregory got up and tried to catch her. When he grabbed her she turned around and said something that nearly ripped his heart out. When Gregory heard this he immediately grabbed her and she resisted and slipped on a step when he pushed her. As she was falling he tried to help her but it was too late. He watched as his wife fell backwards, hit her head on the banister rail, and broke her neck. She died before she even hit the floor. As he sat in his cell he thought about the case quite often. Gregory in his heart was innocent but the justice department didn't feel that way. There was little media coverage and Gregory had become a display and was shamed by all of his friends. People believed he was an abusive man. He lost his family and friends and fell into deep depression. While in jail he often painted pictures and drew faces of people he wanted to meet. He created things in his imagination to justify what had happened in his situation. Gregory felt that what he had done was not his fault. One day a man came to visit him. He was a time keeper and said he knew Gregory was innocent. This man said he invented a machine that could playback Gregory's thoughts and if Gregory agreed to test it out he would be set free. Gregory had nothing to lose so he tried it and when he did something strange happened. After hooking Gregory up to the machine he died. When Gregory died he was alive back on the steps where his wife was. He had deja vu and as she swung at him he ran out of the house. He ran until he realized what had happened. Gregory didn't kill his wife, it never happen. She sat on the stairs trying to fight but Gregory was gone out of the door and after a few days apart she calmed down and everything had changed. When Gregory died he came alive at the place that ruined his life. Gregory fixed his mistake. Was it luck that the man chose him for the experiment or was it divine intervention that repaired Gregory's future?

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