Monday, March 2, 2015

Jammin Joe and his Lucky Jump Shot

When Jammin Joe was in high school, it was his dream to make it to the big leagues. After all, he only had one good move. No body really respected Joe's game on the court. The critics often said he was just tall and was very stiff on the floor with no athleticism. No matter what Jammin Joe kept his cool even when cut from a few teams before the Jam Hawks picked him up. He did one move throughout his whole career and it was never pretty. Everybody knew Joe had an ugly shot and had no handles. How could a guy like this even get to the professional level of play. No matter what Jammin Joe did, his wife Teresa was at every game. She cooked for the team and loved Joe's ugly shot. Whenever Joe shot the ball she would yell, "That's my Jam!" Some how the Jam Hawks made it to the 8ba title game and Joe was placed in the starting line-up because Marty, who played center, was out for the season. Joe didn't get the ball the whole game. The coach specifically told the team not to pass it to him. Joe did grab a few rebounds and had a few blocks even though none of his teammates gave him a chance to shoot. It was only eight seconds left on the clock and Joe looked in the crowd and saw his wife with her head down because the team was down by one. Everyone was afraid of losing because the city needed a championship. The city needed a championship so bad that the community all chipped in to pay the players and coaches good salaries. It was twelve seconds left on the clock and Gaffney inbounded the ball to Johnny Love. Johnny Love dribbled the ball and shook the socks off of his defender. When it looked like he was going to shoot the ball he passed it to Jammin Joe. The crowd was so afraid and silent that you could hear a pin drop in the building. When Jammin Joe did his one patented shot the voice of his wife was the only voice heard, "That's my Jam!" the ball bounced off of the back board, hit the rim, bounced up in the air, and went swish through the net. Jammin Joe had did it. He had hit the most important shot in the team's history. The stadium exploded with cheer and celebration. Was it luck or did Jammin Joe rise to the occasion, when not only his city, but his team needed him the most? For that one moment in life, because of his lucky jump shot Joe made everyone a believer.
The interview with Method 8 Sports:
Stewart Cot: So Johnny, what made you pass the ball to Joe?
Johnny Love: Well, we were practicing all week and I knew they wouldn't expect it.
Stewart Cot: Was there a reason that the coach didn't want Joe to get the ball?
Johnny Love: Well, Joe has an orthodox game and the coach just didn't believe he could score, but sometimes as a point guard you just have to feel out your teammates and see what happens.
Stewart Cot: Well congratulations Johnny, I'm Stewart Cot here in the city of hope. Was it luck or was it pure skill? Back to you Danny.

Danny Pippen: Joe all season it's been rough. Everyone knows that your stats do not add up to this win. How does it feel?
Jammin Joe: Well it feels good you know. I didn't expect to be in the position to win the game but Johnny had faith in me.
Danny Pippen: Joe tell us how you felt about the coach strategically not wanting to get you the ball?
Jammin Joe: I took it and sucked it up, but I'm a believer and this shot was given to me so not only he would believe but the fans as well.
Danny Pippen: Congratulations and kiss your beautiful wife for me...As you heard it from Jammin Joe was it luck or belief here in the city of hope?

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