Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Warriors of War

Facing an army of one hundred soldiers, we were ten strong. Each of us had a mass workout plan, we were in the best shape of our lives. There was no turning back from our decision to invade. After a cargo plane was shot down the woes of war were starting to seep in. We were low on supplies and the enemy was gaining ground. After running out of ammunition, we had no choice but to use hand-to-hand combat if we wanted to come out alive. It was hot and we faced off in a sand storm. When the enemy saw we had no weapons they didn't attack. They decided to take us in as hostages. As they were preparing to take us in, Commander Bows decided to make a move. He grabbed one of the insurgent's and snapped his neck. When we saw this we began to fight. Sargent Johnson choke-slammed one of the insurgents and crushed his spine on a rock. I heard a gun go off as I tackled one of the insurgents to the ground. I punched and pounded his face until there was no life left in him. The beast had come out of me; with bloody fist, I pushed one of the insurgent's eye sockets in as he reached for his weapon. In a matter of ten minutes we had annihilated the enemy with our bare hands. We now had food and ammunition because of our strength. After we punished them we had confidence. We then found a place to hideout and rest since we were too far from base. We had proven to be true warriors and because of our dominance we had the enemy on the run. This was a day to remember. I wonder if our country will remember what we accomplished today. As we moved into our next mission we noticed that the nickname the villagers had given to us was: "The Warriors of War."

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