Friday, May 22, 2015

The Angels of War.

In early times the people of earth were good. They were peaceful, because the heavens were peaceful. The people did not feel and there were no toxins in the air. Life was pure. The fruits and trees where made to eat. In reasoning the meaning was to please God. To give him thanks for the day and the night, for he was and still is a good God. The Shepard Angels then gave the earth elements, these elements then grew and from those elements the almighty began to speak things into form. For all things are created from him. He is great. In his creations he was well pleased for he moves through the spirit of all his work. Without him everything is meaningless; the wisest king once quoted. As the lord began to create he noticed that even in nothing there is something. How is that so? As the angels saw this they concealed their thoughts, for when they thought, the creatures of earth thought; the angels had a connection with the creatures of earth. Where there was nothing there was opportunity and this opportunity was worth fighting for because it had power. Power created want, want created need, and need created conflict. In this "nothing" only God could fill the void. This created choice. When the Angels saw this they formed an army to protect the choice. When God saw this he saw wisdom. For his creation was like him so he gave them the ability to remember. The angels saw this and proceeded to bring life in all of God's creations. If life itself is meaningless then only God would have meaning. "Who will fill their nothing with my spirit?" God said speaking to the angels. The angels then began to work and build a place on top of all thoughts within the heavens. Each being has it's place. The Angels of war saw the many choices the beings of earth were making and they were content with the heavens. The heavens were peaceful and every creature lost there opportunity of peace when they broke the laws of God. Those laws where to understand that he is all that needs to be remembered. To remember would give them a sign that eternity is forever and the angels would always be there to help them remember. When the Angels of war saw this the angels of peace would clean. When the thoughts of nothing were filled with strife and war, the angels of peace would come after the angels of war were summoned by the beings. The angels of peace would give them the spirit of God to remember. When they remembered the war would end and God would fill the hearts of the beings once more. When God entered the hearts of his creation the heavens would dance and a new tune would be created for the woes of the people. The soldiers of war would then come home and make babies while the prisoners of war would live on through their loved ones and family. To this day because of the empty spaces they will always be remembered.
POW*MIA you are not forgotten x-}

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