Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The purpose and use of Color Gels:

Using lights to set the mood have been around for a long time. Color gels have advanced from the old uses of silk or wine colored bottles to set the mood at performances. The purpose of color gels are usually to set a type of mood that an original white light cannot set. Color gels usually come in many different colors and the material is usually a wax paper or a gel type plastic paper that can withstand high levels of heat. It is important for people to monitor the color gels because they are often worn out because of the heat from the light. Keeping color gels limited to just the main event and minimal rehearsal use can really save the material from wearing out too fast. The amazing thing about color gels is that when they are used in performances they can expand the creativity of not only the director's vision, but they can also enhance the performance experience.

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