Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some helpful things to know when finding investors for your film:

It's not hard to get people to fund your cause or film project. The hard part is following the rules when you go after big donors. If you are filed as a non-profit you can get grants and donors if your film is combating a cause, a documentary, or a PSA. When your production company is filed as a sole proprietor, you are fully liable for your project. If your production company is filed as a corporation, your assets are protected because the corporation is considered a separate body. In partnership agreements each partner just has to make sure they have a mutual agreement etc. It's okay in the investing aspect if you are getting support from family and friends; there are even special websites for that. It can get complicated when you start getting big donors. It is important to note: if you have legitimate papers as a production company that you should file with the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission). Most big corporations have to do this anyway; in this case, filing helps you understand the rules. One last thing to do when you set up a production company for filming projects is to have a bank account for the production company. Good luck on finding funding for your project and remember to use good practices when dealing with money.

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