Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Simplifying Impedance in sound:

Let's say you have a tube and you want to make the sound louder so you add electrical current to push the sound. Since current travels from positive to negative or negative to positive, you can use it to escort sound in a sense, as long as you have power. What you use to push the current would be an amplifier that controls the velocity of the power source. It's important to remember that you have limits on how much current you can push because the power is limited. After pushing the current at certain quantities, say you notice that the current is overheating the tube that it's flowing through. In this case, you need to slow it down. To slow it down you would need insolation or something to slow down the current. What you would use is a resistor or a capacitor. The current flows through the resistor at a limited rate depending on the type of resistor; the current flows through a capacitor like a bucket that fills the capacitor to the top then stops. This slow down of current is known as impedance because you can measure the effect that the resistor or capacitor has on the current that is pushing the sound. These adjustments in current flow are noticed when listening to the sound because you can hear the distortion.

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