Monday, May 25, 2015

The Wall

After the Civil War a group of American scientist went underground to save America. They slept at Sister Jackson's, who had been housing refugee soldiers trying to escape the draft. Sister Jackson ran an abandon safe house with all types of people living there and for some reason only people seeking help would come to her. Above ground was the norm, but what was going on in the basement was what made things interesting. With the help of James Johnson, the scientist managed to open up a portal. When the portal was opened many soldiers started disappearing off of the battlefield. This irritated the government, because no one had a clue what was going on. One night Sister Jackson was asleep and she dreamed of a black wall with names on it. When she touched the wall she awoke in a field with over eight million people surrounding her in the field. She stood up and noticed a dirty old American flag flying. "Is this the concentration camp?" she asked. "This is the wall," one of the people responded, "But you're all alive. How is this so?" the man looked at her. "We're alive because you remembered. You were the key to the portal. All you had to do was remember. Mrs. Jackson, because of you the war is over. Now go back and rest we can now Passover." God Bless You.
POW*MIA You are not forgotten.

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