Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The God of War.

The cause of this was me. It is I who desires balance upon man. Do you see the nations? Do you see the power that they yearn to have? A common being does not want to control the world. Those who want power, those who want to count the crumbs of the people, call upon me for strength. The land drips in blood. The fighting and shooting from millions who want dominion over the land. There is no peace, there cannot be. There has to be war. There has to be killing and corruption. Come to me with your woes, come to me with your anger and I will justify every action. I alone can feed the earth with blood. The men who invented the bomb, guns, and weapons of war; where do you think they got their power from? They got their power from me. There is no mercy in my power. The angels of peace look at me and clean up when I am done spreading my wrath. Will the people remember the soldiers who pray to make it home? Will the people remember the soldiers who don't? I alone keep them safe. I alone keep them on the battle field. In their pain the people will be justified. Is it fair for them to fight? Is it fair for them to go off to war while the people dishonor the land? Will you remember my warriors I will bring justice to mankind. I alone can cleanse the earth. I am the God of war. Keep peace in your heart and I will stay away. Ask for war and I will give it to you.

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