Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Prayers of War.

Innocent people have been dying my lord.
Why are they dying?
Babies in the womb, young men going to pray or get something to eat.
Everything belongs to you, yes I know.
I love people. I care for them. I like the spirit of every creature and I can feel their spirit even when they're not around.
My Lord is there meaning behind all of this suffering.
Is there meaning behind the killings.
Why won't they stop killing.
Is it because they want to prove that you exist, or is it because evil is real.
Will there be peace Lord?
Will you come and free us from this madness?
What did we do Lord?
Did we forget about you?
Have we forgot our place in life?
Help us Lord.
Free us from the fears of war.
Make us brave so we will be prepared for this evil that is all around us.
Give us thoughts of happiness in such troubled times.
O Lord our god we have not forgotten you.
I pray that we will never forget the prisoners of war.
I pray that we will never forget those missing in action.
I pray that we will remember war and replace it with peace.

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