Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What is an e-book and what makes it different from a printed book?

The concept of printing can open our minds up to a world of ideas on how to mass produce, but what if we used computers to print what's in our imagination. This idea was on the minds of a lot of noble thinkers and slowly came to reality as the years progressed. They call it the e-book. The e-book has the same purpose as a printed book but has many different functions. Here are some pros and cons:
  1. The e-book saves trees
  2. The e-book is just a digital copy of a printed book, what happens if the publisher goes out of business or the battery dies.
  3. The devices used to read the e-book cost a lot of money to produce.
  4. People can hack digital content but can share printed content.
  5. Printed books takes a lot of resources to produce, where as e-books just need to be uploaded.
  6. Although it is cheaper to publish an e-book, your readers will spend a lot on the device used to read it. You will spend quite a bit on printed books but the reader can keep the book for a lifetime.
  7. Storage on e-books are much better because printed books take up space and you could put bookshelf makers out of business.
  8. With the e-book you can zoom in on content and have audio read the content to you on some devices. When using a printed book you just have a magnifying glass or glasses with an audio device playing the content.
  9. Some e-books give off light, printed books don't.
Well, these are just a few examples of the pros and cons of e-books verses printed books. There are also a ton of intellectual differences that come with them as well. I guess the truth of the matter depends on the author, "Is your goal to make a profit or just to share ideas?"

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