Friday, December 5, 2014

Examining Abstract Art Work

The magic of art comes from the spirit. It can be described by many, as a divine gift that a person has to interpret what they see. Abstract art work is the presence of shapes, images and even figures drawn from pure emotion. A good example, would be splattered paint on a paper. Abstract art is everywhere. Some amateurs or those with minimal art experience would look at some pieces of abstract work and loss out on the message that the artist is portraying. They may feel the work is to vague. Abstract work has feeling that embraces your thoughts. This feeling traps you into the mind of the artist. The lines, shapes and colors exploit the viewer to want to know more about the piece of work. A shape on a piece of paper with an orange line through it, would be a good example of abstract work. If you draw a person, this may be considered outside of abstract work, although some pieces my look like a person. That is the magic of abstract pieces,  most of the images are unintentional and may seem that the artist is going nowhere.

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