Thursday, December 4, 2014

Identifying the Snare Drum.

Most music genres require certain producers. Each tempo or rhythm changes as the ages go by. The artist must deliver the song with feeling. That feeling is what moves the listeners. It may be safe to say that about 80% of that feeling comes from the instruments. The snare drum is a percussion instrument that is included in a drum set. It sits on a stand as a table top would sit from the floor, it has rattles which are little metal wires that stretch across the heads of the drum called snares. Some only come with one rattle depending on the type. There are many fashions of snare drums depending on the usage. The sound is uniform and is often used in marching bands, especially military. A good description would be a round wheel shaped instrument with two plastic heads as the hubcaps. The typical snare drum (which depends on the usage) that is tapped with the drum stick is about 14,8,6 or 3 inches deep. The plastic or Mylar skins are about 10-7 mils thick depending on the type of snare drum and the usage. This instrument creates a sound similar to taping a thin hollow bucket with a very small thin chain attached to it.
For more information on the snare drum search you selected knowledge sources or look online and search snare drum.

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