Monday, December 29, 2014

The gift and the curse of Installation Art

While walking by a tree outside in the summer a woman notices cards hanging from it, she stops for a second then continues on. In a suburb someone places an exhibit of an abandon house in an empty lot, while driving by observing, a car smashes into a parked vehicle. These are two examples of installation art. The gift of installation art is the fact that it catches the eye because of what the eye can be trained to see. The curse is it distracts the viewers as well, by taking them on a path they did not expect because most installation art is three dimensional. Installation art is different, its an unexpected change and sometimes its needed to remind people that anything can take up space. The amazing thing about installation art is the fact that the observer will look at it for a good length of time to capture the moment. The catch is will it show the observer that perception at times can be deceiving and will this art help you see through that perception?   

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