Monday, November 3, 2014

The inside scoop on filming permits and finding a location to film.

Filming permits can be obtained through a filming office within the city, some cities don't have one at all. To film at a location, usually the director just gets permission from the person in charge at the location. There is a slang term called gorilla shooting, when a director films random scenes at a location without permission. If you ever see some actors and a small group of people jump out of a minivan in a park with a camera chances are they're gorilla shooting. In most cases the film never turns out as planned but getting the film done is the goal. Good footage is really the main goal of the person editing the film. It is also important to note that every state has different rules on governing a film or production company. These rules usually only apply when you are filming on private property. Most of the time you do need a permit or permission to shoot on public property.

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