Monday, November 24, 2014

How entertainers get paid.

Some people always think the life of an entertainer is easy but actually it's not. Entertainers have to entertain to get paid. Most entertainers start out poor and have no life at all outside of the stage. The truth of the matter is that everything you are watching them do cost money and if they cannot draw a crowd to pay for the things you see then they are worthless in the business aspect of the matter. Here is an example:
Annie just got her first gig in a movie. She stood out and only had a few lines. The movie was an independent project and Annie did not get paid for the project. The director of the film got the movie produced and people not only liked it but they loved it. Annie now goes from being an unknown actor to a celebrity overnight. She is getting calls from directors all over the world to be in their films. Annie now will need an agent and also people to manage her demand. Her price tag as an entertainer went from $0 to $1,000,000 if she can continue to stand out. She will need body guards, good friends, good business associates, and good lawyers. Everybody she gets on stage with will be worth money.
To sum this up, this is the life of everyone who you see on any screen or stage whether local or national. Everything they do is in the spotlight and every illegal download, every bad press, and every flop leaves them with less money to continue on supporting their fans. That is the business of it but the truth is that the person who is on stage is still an individual that yearns and would do anything for love.

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