Monday, November 17, 2014

Five tips on how to build a fan base.

Every artist starts out in the hole, rather they are rich or poor. The artist is never rich because keeping things alive takes money and loyal fans. Although money is important fans are even more important. The key is to maintain that fan base which takes a while to build up. Here are five simple ways to build a fan base:
  1. Use social media to get in contact with loyal friends who you know will support you and be at your shows. Try to get them to invite others.
  2. Get e-mails and contacts so you can keep the people already supporting you informed on your next shows etc.
  3. Use as much free press as you can and let people know your mission as an artist.
  4. Perform or sign books at charity events and never hesitate to do goodwill shows or signings.
  5. Be yourself, support those who support you and ask your fans what they like. 
Bonus: Then let the good Lord do the rest:-}

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