Thursday, November 13, 2014

How some cultures alter words to mean different things (Bread and Slang)

Every culture changes through time but really nothing changes but behavior and creativity. In the inner city, on the farm and even in Washington they use slang or words that alter the meaning of another word. Here is an example:
"All this "BS" in DC is driving me crazy. They spending all of my hard earned bread on stuff that don't got nothing to do with me. They need to get it together before I bus a cap. If God broke bread why can't we."
In this term the person used slang to express themselves. They are using bread to explain money, bus to explain shoot and cap to explain bullet. They also used DC and BS which is an adult term for Bull S**t and DC meaning the capital of the United States. Slang words often give more flavor to a subject and really can be fun if used properly and at the right time homie. "You ant fresh az um izzz lil duggy."

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