Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Six ways on how art can be used to combat evil.

One thing you can say about entertainment and art is it has made the dream of people working together in all walks of life possible. Although many great entertainers have been lost along the way, art continues to strive at getting people to unite. Each genre of music, movies, fashion and theatre has its own meaning that gives the viewer the ability to comprehend the message. Here are six ways to use your skills to combat an issue or evil act:
  1. Make a song that can bring people out of a situation that seemed impossible to get out of and use the lyrics of the song to do it.
  2. Paint a picture of a place that was once a place of torment but is now a place of peace.
  3. Rap about a place that you dream of and create a drum pattern that will make a little child with nothing play alongside of you.
  4. Write a script that will make one survivor of a genocide become the leader of a new nation.
  5. Design a dress that will be presented on stage or in a play that will remind everyone that art is a gift and if used wisely can create eternal wisdom.
  6. Give a speech about the facts and explain how you where able to overcome.

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