Thursday, November 6, 2014

How the Media uses certain terms (Red Herring) to describe specific conversational situations.

If you are a news guru then you need to know a few things about conversation. One important argument technique is what they call, "Red Herring". Red Herring is when you divert a topic from one important subject to another to win an argument. This happens a lot in political interviews when a candidate is asked a question, but does not want to give a straight answer because they have a different objective or hidden agenda. A good example of a red herring would be:

Interviewer: "What is your take on border issues?"
Interviewee: "I think we should open the border."
Interviewer: "In an interview with CCC you said we should close the border."
Interviewee: "Yes, but I also recommended a tax on border patrol and if I can get those cuts then our economy would grow much faster in the next three to four years."

If you notice the interviewer asked a question on border patrol and the interviewee did not want to answer the question so they diverted the conversation to tax cuts. This is what Media speculators call a red herring.

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