Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thinking about becoming a Videographer?

The term videographer makes people think that the job is simple. Okay, all you have to do is put video sequences together, "Wow!" Actually the job of the videographer takes time and patience. A videographer has to know a lot about technical equipment; here is a little taste of things that they have to know:
  1. How to edit video to make it appeal to the audience.
  2. Have some knowledge on cinema, hardware, cameras, computers, editing software, audio devices and a load of other technical equipment that comes with the package of making good videos.  
  3. Know video terms like progressive or interlaced etc.
  4. Understand the speed at which a camera is shooting and be able to slow it down or speed it up to create the vision that the director is trying to portray in the minds of the viewer.
Anyone can be a videographer but those who do it for a living know that you have to stay at it for a while to master it. Even when you get to the level of mastering video and being the jack of all trades, the wise know that you can never know enough. Videographers are like money that you spend but will never have enough to pay for what the job is really worth. The catch is that a good videographer just has a passion for what they do but will never feel that they are getting what they are worth because no one knows what they know but those who do what they do. To sum it up, if you see someone wearing sunglasses in front of a computer at 3 AM and you know there is no sun outside. There might be a good chance that they're editing video.

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