Friday, October 31, 2014

What is a MIDI and has it hurt or improved the Music Business?

Think of this, I want to control one device with another, well someone thought of that then it changed the music industry and other companies who couldn't get a grasp on that concept. They call it the MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This device took analog and digital and made them compatible. Most MIDI devices are like keyboards, but the question remains, "Have they improved or hurt the music business?" Some say improved because they have helped those who cannot play instruments make music and some say hurt due to the fact that those who play instruments can make music and play instruments. If it makes no sense then lets clear it up. Instruments are hard to make and take special laborers to make them, they also have to be tuned properly. Digital music requires the same effort except you have to know the language to fit in and that takes practice. The MIDI device took each world of music and not only connected a keyboard to a computer to sync each instrument together but also took inexperienced musicians and professional musicians by connecting them as well. Although this may seem complex it's quite simple. Lets say you have a sound and you want to use it over and over, what do you do? Do you keep playing the instrument and recording the sound or do you take the sound hook it up to a computer, record it then sequence that same sound with less effort just by connecting the instrument to a computer. I guess that leaves one last question, has the MIDI hurt or improved the music business?   

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