Friday, October 24, 2014

The Blueprint for Constructing a Rhythm & Blues Song

There are many formats to writing a song depending on the type of song you are trying to produce. Before you start your song, remember that a bar is a measure of beats similar to counting 1beat_2beat_3beat_4beat or 1_2_3_4. The timing varies by the tempo, which is the speed or pace of the song. Here is a little basic example on how to structure a rhythm and blues song:
  • 8 Bar Intro 32 Beats
  • 8 Bar First Verse 32 Beats
  • 8 Bar Chorus 32 Beats
  • 8 Bar Second Verse 32 beats
  • 8 Bar Bridge 32 Beats
  • 8 Bar Hook 32 Beats
  • 8 Bar Close 32 Beats
This is just an example to give you an idea of how a song is formatted. Once you produce the beat and the singing begins this format could change depending on the producer.  

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