Thursday, October 30, 2014

Working your way up to the climax when writing a script.

Script writing can be frustrating at times but the climax is always the deciding factor on how your story will be viewed by the critics. A good word that explains the climax would be revelation. The climax is the point where everything either comes together or falls apart. It's important to give the viewer the "ah" moment or the moment of disbelief. Three good tips on working up to the climax would be:
  1. Put the characters in a position that seems impossible to get out of, then figure out a way to make them succeed or fail.
  2. Make everything a mystery by showing random characters within the plot then make those characters standout as the climax unfolds.
  3. Trap the subjects or make a character who was assumed to either be dead or gone reappear as the story reaches the climax. 
These three tips should give you a good format as you then have to work your way down to the ending. Good luck:-) 

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