Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to cite References when Publishing a Book or Report.

In the academic world, a reference is a source of information that builds on the process of knowledge and creative thoughts. There are a few different ways to cite references when publishing a book. Citing references usually depends on the subject matter of the book or report. APA style is usually used for psychology, education and other fields relating to the social sciences. MLA style usually relates to the arts, literature and humanities. AMA style is used to cite medicine, health, and biological sciences. Turabian style is used for college student for all fields of study or subjects. Chicago style is used in magazines, newspapers and usually publications outside of the scholar realm. When siting references on websites just use a hyperlink to the website that you used for the information.   
Example of APA style:
In-Text Citation:
 West B. K. (2003) reported that "faith only matters to those who can see things in the physical world." (p. 204)
 Jane, D. O. (2003). Theology: Christianity. The Journal for Christian Studies, 249, 59-100.

Example of MLA style: 
In-Text Citation:
West states, "that those who believe in God have a good sense of their own limits and ideologies therefore, there has to be a creator." (206)
Doe, John K. "Christianity or nothing. The true life of those who believe." The Journal for Christian studies 6.4 (2003) 54-78. Print.

Example of Chicago style: 
Two men where accused of the crime but refused to be on the witness stand.(footnote here)
Footnote or Endnote:
8. John Key Doe, The Murder without a witness: Volume 1. (Ohio: West Enterprise. 2008), 205.
Bibliography Entry:
Doe, John Key. The Murder without a witness: Volume 1. Ohio: West Enterprise, 2008.

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