Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What is an ISBN?

International Standard Book Number, is just what is says, it is a number to identify and distribute a book. ISBNs also help identify the author and publisher. Every country has its own system for identifying books, the United States uses the ISBN system. It is important to note that anyone can publish a book, but once it is placed on the market for distribution, duplication, and is in demand it is then important to have an International Standard Book Number. This number also allows people to search for your publication in search engines and accurately find your book and the company who published your book. ISBN numbers now come in groups of 13 rather than formally groups of 10 with the first three numbers representing the EAN (European Article Number), the second two numbers representing the group, the next four numbers representing the publisher, the next three numbers representing the title and the last number representing the check digit. For more information on purchasing an ISBN visit www.bowker.com

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