Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to develop a novel?

In literature there are certain pieces of work that take time and thought. A novel is a piece of work that requires creativity and a well thought-out and creative format. Novels, although fiction, should bring the reader inside of the minds of your characters, while also engaging them with real life situations. Writers who write novels should be well versed on the situations in which they are trying to put their readers in. Defined as a fictitious piece of literature, a novel should seem real to the reader in some sense and also keep them within the content of the dialogue taking place within the story. Novels develop as the writer develops. It is important for the writer to grow with the story as the novel develops. In a novel the reader should keep probing the story to want to know more about the characters and the situations in which the writer puts the reader in. It is also fair to say that the reader should also develop as the novel develops as well.    

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