Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is a DSLR Camera and what makes it special?

A carpenter has a tool and a photographer has a camera. The camera is the photographer's tool, like a hammer is a carpenters tool. Cameras have different designs for different task, just like hammers have different designs for different task. When understanding cameras you have to think about the eyes and how light works. How much light can you let in and how much light can you project to get the real image. Think of this: your eyes can be blurry, blind, or open. This is the same as a camera. Now let's focus on the DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) Camera: The DSLR has a digital image sensor, which is different from photographic film. What makes the DSLR camera unique is it has a reflex mirror that gives you the same image on the view finder eye piece and the view finder electronic screen. When the image bounces off of the reflex mirror to the digital sensor you should see the image that the camera is projecting on the screen or camera eye piece. Light has a direct effect on the way the image is seen with the eyes. Other cameras do not have this specification. The DSLR camera also shots in video increments of ten to eleven minutes. This is a plus for movie and video makers. Some DSLR cameras also shoot in HD and Full frame which gives the small budget film or photographers a Hollywood camera for a fraction of the price. The one drawback of the DSLR is time. The time it takes for the image to reflect from the mirror, cuts off action or sports photo productivity etcetera. Although the DSLR has good picture quality, because of the reflex mirror feature you cannot see the image on the screen and eyepiece at the same time. Some photographers like to adjust or compose the image while shooting. Overall what makes the DSLR camera special is the reflex mirror.       

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