Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The the wonderful world of Broadcasting:

Let's come up with a plan to tell a story from home, then send the signal all over the world for everyone to hear the message from our living room. Does this plan sound possible? Well someone thought of it and it was done. Broadcasting; in simple terms, are radio waves or streams of radiation flowing through the air. To simplify it: if you've seen lighting falling from the sky, then you are pretty sure how this works. Now imagine putting a voice signal comprised of ones and zeros or just a pure analog radio waves from a transmitter to a receiver. When this happens you get mass production of communication from the comfort of a station with a big enough tower to send the signal. A good way to simplify this idea would be to think of the sun, which gives off energy by shining everyday. The energy from sun rays or radiation is safe enough for most people to consume and plants love it. This idea of sending signals through the air caught the attention of a group of engineers, then that group of engineers put the idea in motion. Once the vision became apparent then the cycle of signal to tower then tower to receiver became reality. If you take the concept and apply it to TV, radio, and internet then the wonderful world of broadcasting goes from someone's idea right into your TV set.

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