Monday, January 12, 2015

Understanding the purpose of a Synopsis:

When someone has a creative story, thought or idea, there has to be a presentation or introduction. A story has to have a form or summary to present to others. When developing a synopsis it has to give the publisher or producer a general idea of what your story is about. The traditional purpose of a synopsis was to formulate a plot, write it down and submit it to book publishers for approval. In this process the publisher reviews the synopsis and decides if they want to accept your project or not. The synopsis shows them your level of knowledge about the topic you are covering and if it fits their criteria. A good synopsis should be well written and clearly explain your book or project. A good format for a synopsis has to fit its purpose; which, is to introduce the story to the prospective publisher or producer etc. There are many good examples and formats for writing a good synopsis online.  

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