Thursday, January 22, 2015

How dancing gives you life:

Through the ages people suffer from things that seem impossible to overcome. A performer embraces the stage and falls, a person battling with cancer is told they will not survive. Then the instruments begin to play and something magical happens; the performer gets back up and the person with cancer survives. In the bible the scripture says that in a moments time with God, King David would dance. The moves and the sounds of life give us the ability to perform. Every culture has a dance. Every culture has a tune that will give someone somewhere the reason to forget all of their troubles and embrace the dance floor. Professional dancers use choreography and practice daily making just enough to get by off of a contract or teaching. The purity of dancing is freedom and happiness. A liberation away from troubles that seem impossible to overcome. It's safe to say that the true magic of dancing is watching a child with no hope of living get up when he or she hears that one tune and dances themselves back to life. As the music plays and they are all alone on the floor using their time to make up their own two step, people watch and join. Then at that moment the miracle of life begins all over again and there is hope. At that moment of liberation there is a reason to live with no worries or cares.

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