Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The reality of getting into a Syndication:

Since the invention of television and radio, people have dreamed of a hit show. The reality is that the entertainment world is pricy and once that show loses viewers or listeners the producers and top executives start to search for better content. Some payouts are big depending on the market in which the station displays the show. A show should have between 85-100 episodes to consider being in a syndication or before soliciting to any station. The internet has made it to where individuals can produce cheap shows and even have there own channel. The reality of getting into a syndication is simple, you need to have a hit show or something the station can profit from. Another thing to note is that being in a syndication doesn't always mean a payout sometimes there are work exchanges or barter systems put in place. A good tip would be, if there is a payout, hold onto the money because it takes a lot for a show to make a profit.

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