Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Insight on how to write a Sitcom:

There are many styles of writing and performing that can portray reality. Over the centuries writers have come up with ways to define life, but what about a situation? When discussing a situation you start with something that occurs spontaneous, and you give the audience a simple explanation of the situation. After you explain the situation to the audience on how this event occurred, you may get some laughter because some of the audience members may have experienced the same phenomenon. Some sitcoms use laugh tracks and some don't. This depends on the producers of the sitcom and what they have in mind when writing the shows. Most sitcoms who use the laugh track use them to give more feeling to the punch line. This gives the viewer a more open idea on how a situation can seem complex but is simple once resolved. Then later in the situation once it's resolved, it can be quite comical. Here is an example on how to write a situation comedy or sitcom:
  1. Find a situation in life that seemed odd.
  2. Explain the situation in a fashion that is step-by-step on how it occurred.
  3. Make the situation seem as though it was so odd that it seemed impossible to overcome.
  4. Then conclude it with a huge roach leaving the bathroom with the last bar of soap while your eyes were closed and you were left with nothing to wash with but dishwasher liquid.
  5. Once you cleaned out your eyes you looked around and could not figure out how a roach could do this. It's impossible for a roach to hold soap.
  6. You later found out that the roach has been watching you shower for years and wanted to use the soap to try it himself.
  7. Then explain how you found this out.
That is a small example of a situation comedy. Once you start writing one yourself you will find out that anything can be funny, even three wise men hanging out at the bar to save souls can get a few laughs. Good luck:-D

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