Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Tomato Garden

“It’s harvesting time,” Terry said to his beautiful new wife.
In a purple colored T-shirt, she tiptoed across the garden. She could feel the tender soil seeping through the cracks of her toes. Her huge afro puffs dangling, greased, sparkling like glitter reflecting the sun.
“Now remember, don’t eat any tomatoes or surly you will lose me,” Karah said giggling, leading the way into the tomato garden.
Walking deeper into the garden, Terry could smell the freshness of nature, he could feel life blossoming all around him. Basking in the moment, Terry then hears a voice.
“Terry,  it’s me Amos, your neighbor.”
“Amos, where are you? I can hear you, but I can’t see you,” Terry replied, looking around.
“You’re wife told me I could have as many tomatoes as I needed so I ate one and turned into one. What kinda voodoo do you and her got going on here? Help me out, so I can get back like you in my human body,” Amos said.
Feeling the pressure, Terry had a flash back from a past relationship, things seem to never add up since he’d gotten married. Being a new husband he wondered if he could trust his wife, if she truly loved him, but the sight of a tomato talking to him had set off some serious nerves.
A few feet away, Terry’s wife took notice, “ Terry sweetie, who are you talking to?”
“Ahh. I’m just saying my grace baby...just saying my grace...that’s all.” Terry replied.
Terry began to sweat, his thoughts began to race as the sun beamed down on him with not a cloud in the sky.
“Karah, who told you we couldn’t eat any of these precious tomatoes?”
Karah went from singing a catchy tune to concerned.
“I was just being sarcastic honey, now come closer so we can enjoy this beautiful day together.”
“Don’t listen to her Terry, help me. She knows that if you save me, the truth will come out. Don’t you want to know the truth. Who needs a beautiful wife and family when you can see the truth. Now save me so I can be human again. All you have to do is eat a tomato and your eyes will be open.
Under pressure, Terry turned to his wife,
“Karah, let’s get the hell out of here, the tomatoes are alive.”
In a calm voice, Karah gets up, after she had made herself comfortable on a blanket spread out on a patch of grass beside the garden.
“I know the tomatoes are alive baby, they’re alive so we can be fed. So we can eat them. We planted the seeds and then they grew. Stop being so silly, she walks over to her husband and picks Amos from a patch of tomatoes and takes a bite.
“Now you have some sweetie.”
Trusting his wife, Terry takes a bite of the tomato then Amos’s spirit enters his body while Terry’s transfers into a tomato.
Unknowingly, Terry and his wife fell into another man’s trap, Amos was a lost soul who lusted for an innocent man’s wife. Being Terry’s neighbor, Amos asked a witch to help Terry’s wife fall in love with him. The witch turned Amos into a tomato and put a curse on him. The only way he could have Terry’s wife was if he were eaten by Terry. She told Amos that as long as he didn’t eat any tomatoes from the garden, he would replace Terry but only a tomato from the garden and true love could stop him from having Terry’s wife. Amos spent 3 days in Terry’s body trying to fulfill his lustful desires but after the third day Terry’s wife caught on, she knew something wasn’t right. Reflecting on the day in the tomato garden, she began to add things up. Figuring it had something to do with the tomatoes, Karah went into the garden and picked every tomato she could find and made tomato soup. Even a newlywed knows her husband so one day when Amos came home, Karah wouldn’t touch him.
“Is everything okay sweetheart?” Amos asked, noticing a different mood from Karah.
“Oh, I’m fine, do you want to try some of my new soup? I got it from the grocery store,” Karah said.
Hungry and yielding to Karah’s cunning charm, Amos began to eat the soup only to turn back into a tomato.
Back in his body, Terry and his wife fell deeper in love. Seeing that she caught on to another man’s tricks, Terry knew that his wife truly loved him because she saved him from the wrath of spending the rest of his life as a tomato. Amos’s trick only lasted three days and got him nowhere, while Terry and his wife lived happily ever after.
The End.

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