Thursday, April 30, 2020

“A Champion!”

We were deep in the playoffs; something had jumped in to my man Shaw, I mean this dude had hit just about every shot he put up. This was serious. I was like, “Dude, is yo life on the line?” He was divin’ on the floor, making key steals and even gettin’ in the referee’s face. He even called key plays, right out of the coaches playbook. Somethin’ supernatural was in ol’boy. Late fourth quarter—man turned into a beast. Throwin’ his towel, screamin’ at fans. He even dunked on an old classmate. I think it was Sissy’s little brother, then he gave him his daddy look when he gave him the business. Poster shots. It was no mercy, no apologies type stuff. The point guard Jerry was out partyin’ the night before a key game and Shaw went Planet of the Apes on the little dude, came in like Koba and dragged Jerry right out of the party, made him go home and go to bed. He was like: “Dude, not until we get that trophy!” Shaw was serious, he wanted to win and when we did, they called him one thing: “A Champion!” How does that sound? Even at practice, they called him one thing: “A Champion!”

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