Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What cured Brandy Lou

“Has anyone noticed good old Brandy Lou; by George, I don’t think she’s ever been sick?”
David said, closing his book, preparing to spit.
Everyone paid no attention, outside sitting on hay; David was teaching no one, safe to say.
Then Tasha coughed and frightened everyone away, it was no later than noon, probably about midday.
“Germs are bad Tasha and you’re always sick,” Teresa said, smacking her with a stick.
“You just coughed, oh my,” Brenda replied.
Brandy Lou laughed and waived goodbye,
“I run, I jog, I walk, and climb, my body is in shape and I believe I can fly. My mind is clear, I eat berries and fruits, unlike you pigs who eat trash and artificial roots. You take medicines with harmful side-effects and drink alcohol until your liver bleeds, I jump and climb mountains and look at the top of the trees. When you see something big, you run and hide, but I’m so in shape, my body glides. I fight the fight because my immune system is intact, while you give up the guts, I laugh because your immune system is wack. No need to hate, just do what I do, and I promise you’ll conquer any disease that kills. I’m here to show you a trick stronger than pills.”
          Everyone began to follow good old Brandy Lou with all of her vitamin C, she was so healthy the sun reflected her vitamin D. The doctors smiled when she walked by, for they knew healthy, it’s what made them spy. Good exercise and a good diet, that’s the secret weapon to Brandy Lou.  If everyone were like her, the doctors wouldn’t have hardly anything to do, for they would have to take all of their medicines and find the flu. You see, death and disease are one in the same, but a good healthy body is what cures the pain. Look at how she glows, that’s what cured Brandy Lou, and when the virus came she hadn’t a cough in sight, her immune system was so strong that it won the fight. The virus didn’t stand a chance, the natural laws of nature just need to be obeyed, Brandy Lou was so smart for she was cured in days. Exercise, and good eating habits are what cured Brandy Lou, I dare you to try it, I’m giving you a clue. A clue to treat your body right, not only in the day but also at night.
Like a farmer and hay, like a baby turning blue, by George, good habits are what cured Brandy Lou.

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