Sunday, April 5, 2020

35,000 Years in the Dark

She was dark brown, wool like hair with rainbow eyes. She was tender, very loving, unique—she could see in the dark, and Tubs had been her only friend since he met her 12 years ago. Her name was Magdalene Jones and oddly, Tubs had never touched her. I guess women have a story too, but Magdalene had a secret to tell and only one man was patient enough to listen.
“Oh, I won’t tell your secret, I swear,” Tubs told Magdalene.
She smiled, assured by his words.
“35,000 years ago I was pushed back and resurrected into the dark. I was told by God that if I woke up in the light, I would die instantly. I don’t want to live in the dark anymore Tubs. The people who live in the dark are foul creatures, it’s like they have no soul, they’re lost. It’s scary what people do in the dark Tubs. I have not felt a day of mercy until I met you. I wish I were never resurrected. I’ve watched over the people in the dark for 35,000 years. I’ve been raped, sold for porn, and even robbed working the night shift, how do I passover Tubs?” Magdalene asked.
Tubs looks at her in deep sorrow, “I’m sorry to hear that Magdalene. It sounds like the only way to pass over, is you must go into the light.”
Magdalene began to cry, “I’ll die Tubs, I’ve lived in the dark for 35,000 years. I’m afraid of what’s on the other side.”
“Magdalene, you can’t continue to live like this. I’m the only man that will tell you the truth. You’re not a lady of the night anymore. I won’t let you believe that,” Tubs said.
“If I go into the light, who will be here for you?” Magdalene asked.
“I’ll go into the light with you, I’ll save us both from this pit that we live in,” Tubs replied.
They both went to bed for the first time together at 9 o’clock and still Tubs didn’t touch her. They awoke to a ray of sunshine. They both walked into the light only to be reborn, never to walk in the darkness again. They were saved, the weight of living in the darkness with needles, prostitution, criminals and rapist was over. No more suffering. After they crossed over, the stars were born. How merciful of her to leave something behind, Ms. Magdalene Jones.
35,000 years in the dark.

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