Friday, April 3, 2020

Judah The Gentle Lion

This is what happens when a gentle lion brings a gift to a wild tiger.
“You’re kind.” Willis the tiger said to the gentle lion.
“I’m kind because I believe we can share the jungle, and live peacefully together,” Judah, the gentle lion replied.
Seeing these two talk gave the animals in the jungle hope for peace, but everyone knew Willis could not be trusted. Judah was often made fun of because he was a kind lion, probably the kindest the pride had ever seen, at least in their lifetime. Some of the animals felt that he was sent from the God of lions because of their mercy to the animals. Willis saw his kindness as a weakness and wanted slave labor in the jungle. In a power struggle he went to the bats.
“Willis, what brings you to our cave?” Felix the bat asked.
“I’ve come to make a deal.”
The other bats flocked over to hear the conversation. Felix stood tall representing his flock.
“What deal does a tiger make with a bat?” Felix asked.
“I need your saliva to release a fatal disease to kill off the lions so I can take over the jungle. We can attack them at night, all you and your flock have to do is bite them when they’re asleep, they won’t see it coming.” Willis explained.
“What do we get in return?”
“I’ll give you full reign of the night.”
Felix and his flock were overjoyed,
“We will take your offer and help you destroy the gentle lion and his pride.”
Zion, the jungle crow, who was the most cunning out of all of the birds in the jungle, overheard the conversation and saw an opportunity to make a deal with the gentle lion.
“Judah, I bring news to you,” Zion said.
Judah began to walk with Zion, the jungle crow.
“What news do you bring, Zion?”
“Willis the tiger has made a deal with Felix and his flock. He wants you and your pride dead so he can rule the jungle and make us all his slaves,” Zion explained.
“He has taken my kindness for a weakness,” Judah replied.
“Yes, and I want to help you for a small favor,” Zion said.
Judah stopped in his tracks, “What do you want?”
“I want my family back from the dead. The birds of the air say you can raise the dead and we want to help you rule the sky.”
“It is so, Zion, lead Willis to me and you and your flock handle his army of bats then after I defeat him in battle, I’ll bring back your family so you can spend the rest of your life with them. A bird that desires his family is a good bird, a bird with a heart, noble enough to rule the sky.”
Zion took Judah’s word and led Willis to Judah, Willis had no clue that Zion and Judah made a truce.
Willis planned to attack Judah and his pride in the night, when he reached Judah and called for the bats to bite it was too late, Zion and his flock of jungle crows trapped Felix and his flock in their cave.
Judah stood tall, “You would betray a gentle lion.”
Willis didn’t back down, “I betrayed you because you’re weak. I was made to eat flesh not live in peace with a gentle pussycat.”
Willis attacked Judah with the assumption that he would be an easy win, but Judah was far from weak, he ripped out Willis’s eyes and left him blind in a field of wild leopards. The leopards spared Willis because Judah had promised peace unless an animal became hostile. Judah also resurrected Zion’s family. He kept his promise. When all of the animals saw this, they now knew that the God of lions had sent Judah. Seeing that he had performed a miracle in the midst of darkness, he stood tall on the top of a hill and roared. No one ever took his kindness for a weakness again.
“I would rather serve a gentle lion, rather than an oppressive wild tiger any day,” Zion, the jungle crow concluded.
The End.

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