Monday, March 2, 2020

My prayer

There are many faiths here father, yet in Christianity Christ said: “Forgive them father for they know not what they do.” In all of the faiths in the world Christ is the only teacher that says this. There are many debates and wars that have been fought in the name of Gods and the prophets but I’m thankful that one teacher named Christ showed that even when we possess the power to move mountains and rise from the dead there’s just some people who seem to never get it; therefore, I pray the same prayer as Christ, forgive us all father, for we know not what we do. Help us God, help the doctors find cures, help the blind see and help the poor to seek knowledge and wisdom. Help us all father, for if it were not for the many books left behind for all of us to learn and find a way to seek your omnipotent help we would be lost and truly left with no hope. I too had no way out and you’ve kept your promise, now please God give the righteous in every nation the heart to perform miracles.
I have no doubt in my mind of your infinite power. Send angels to show the people of every nation that with God’s power it’s always a win win situation.

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