Wednesday, March 25, 2020


All my life I’ve tried to be perfect only to learn a lesson.
Some people make a great moment look so easy.
I guess we all have dreams, visions, and hopes...
Like a kid wanting to be a rock star.
I’ve made mistakes only to see dark clouds come...
I’ve had feelings of love only to have those feelings fade away.
Try getting your heart ripped out and waking up the next morning, it’s embarrassing,
Everyone standing around watching the tower fall.
What’s the purpose?
Is it the good guy facing the bad guy?
Is it god and the devil?
In the heat of the battle, ten men fall to their knees, in hopes of making it home,
Some see light at the end of the tunnel, some don’t.
No will to win, no more strength to fight.
Left behind, while the others carry-on without me.
It’s dark, I see disease and people dying all around me.
I must be here for a reason.
I don’t think it’s to be rich and famous, I think it’s to rise every morning and shine like the sun.
That’s my purpose; to shine, even with nothing left...
To shine...
Even with no audience, just me, the moon and the stars.
Head held high through it all, as tall as the pyramids reaching to the sky...
Every day of the week, right on time.
My purpose is to shine like the sun.
Amen, Amun and Amon, I rise.
To fall down only to rise again the next day...
To shine like the sun.
Do you see your purpose...
You too can fall and rise again, better yet, let’s rise together.
Our purpose is to not stay down.
Let’s fight the fight...
Our purpose is to get up.
From night to day,
Our purpose is to shine like the sun.
We fall...
We resurrect...
We rise...
We shine...
That’s our purpose.

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