Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Man on the Ledge

The man on the ledge is trying to save his life by ending the one he has. This is a moment in time when time stands still. At this moment he’s got everyone’s attention—the whole neighborhood. He’s serious about this, this is the ultimate protest. Oh boy, the news just showed up, this is live, he’s finally got his audience. We all get to be in a position that we’ve never been in before, it’s evident that he’s fed up. The negative vibes talked him on the ledge. This is his stage, he stood on that ledge for three hours until he jumped and failed at committing suicide. The crowd was stunned, the medics put him in the ambulance and sped off, he’s going to think about this in the morning. They patched him up, and sent him to the halfway house, I never heard from him again. I hope he got himself together, man, those negative vibes will try and convince anyone that their journey to the egg was worthless. It may be wise not to listen, every comedy club on the block would have loved to hear his side of the story. Maybe he should’ve taken that route, I’m sure he would have got a few laughs.
The Man on the Ledge
The End.

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