Monday, March 16, 2020

The Deal Maker

Clever of him to call at a time like this.
I just got everything in order and his people need him the most.
Last month we exchanged a chicken for a cow, this month he wants my land.
Twenty million here, twenty million there.
He somehow keeps dealing me out of a good hand.
I get gold, he deals me beautiful women.
I get land, he deals me an army.
How does he do it?
When I say no, he always increases the offer.
A kettle for corn, a shoe for foot, he’s always making an offer.
His weakness is he can’t deal with the poor, I see, he only deals with someone who has something to offer.
When I have nothing to offer, my phone doesn’t ring.
When I have a lot, my phone rings and it’s him, what’s the odds?
I notice he always has people around him.
They must be afraid of losing everything too.
He often sits and waits.
Two days, three days, just enough to increase the stakes.
Some deals he makes in private, some deals he wants the whole world to hear about.
Could it be that the deal maker is only interested in one thing?
Could it be that the deal maker is only interested in making an offer that you can’t refuse?
On my last roll of toilet paper and a virus reported to be very dangerous, I somehow once again end up at the table with him, the deal maker.
How does he do it?
He just took my last twenty dollars for two rolls of toilet paper.
He just took my medical records in exchange for a health plan.
That explains how he knew my blood type.
The deal maker.
When you knock on his door, beware of the offer, it could cost you everything.
It could cost you your freedom and even your life.
The Deal Maker

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