Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Track

I heard a song one day by a man named Grey, he hit note after note and was followed by a singer named Fey. There was something real special about this song, it had the power to make everyone join hands and sing along.
When I grew up, I searched hard for this track, only to find out the that the song got hacked. The artist who wrote it never made it to the big scene, he was robbed of his lyrics and the big dream. The real song ended at a minute and twenty-nine and gave me enough strength to press rewind. When I heard the rip-off, I soon hit the mic and cast so many spells, that I created new hype. Minds were lifted from hell, people were so inspired, the track kept them from jail. Positive energy flowed through my vocals, I even uplifted the locals. My track hit the top and I was enemy number one, but I vowed to not stop til my work was done. I found the man’s family who wrote the track, left them a thank you note and gave everything back. They looked at me and said thanks for sharing your story, now help us take down the hack who stole our dad’s glory. When we found them, they were strung out on crack, it turns out that the only hope they had was Grey’s track. This is a message that one track created, a story of joy that never went outdated.
It was a hit, well known to be sampled and sung by two singers who hated to gamble. It went from one voice to another, from state to state, it had words that made everyone feel great. It created good vibes, nothing that made you hateful or want to rebel. There was something special about this track that inspired me to create. This was good music, this track was great.

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