Friday, February 28, 2020

For what it’s worth

I often wish that everyone could feel at ease about life. We’ve all had some good days and bad days. As a child, I prayed for peace every night. Growing up in unusual and at times harsh conditions I often had to comfort myself. I’m just a small portion of reality but I’ve gained and lost some too. I believe in angels, I take delight in such a thought, such a belief. We all lose, and death comes like a thief in the night at times, but the spirit lives on. If I’m smiling, please keep me encouraged, I wish no harm to you, please wish no harm to me. At the end of the day I just want to please the bill collector and have peace amongst the brethren. My common sense may offend the average thinker and at times I never feel like I’m good enough but I’m human. I’ve watched relative after relative lose to the common cold, it’s life, and tears fall in the wake of death, but I’m enjoying life now, I’m thankful and hopeful that the lord will bless us all with more life. Hearing the screams of chaos gripping my mother’s throat as a child has really sunken deep into my psyche but I’m good now. Time has healed the pain. All I really ever wanted to hear as a child was good job and I did at times so no complaints. I enjoy the sunshine, the atmosphere of a good day. A flash of lighting was enough for me to turn a blind eye to the torment of street life so I practice positive thinking. The woes of the past have made me a better person. I read to keep my mind at ease. I write to ease the pain of seeing my comrades on the battlefield still suffering. Sometimes I worry about my own state of mind. I encourage myself to get out of bed in the morning because I know that a man who stands through it all—can make the world stronger. Why torment and say bad things to each other, negativity overwhelms us all at times so take a break, once our time is up, you might see things differently and wish you had that time back. As a child I prayed for peace every night before I went to bed. In the midst of screams, God gave me rest. I’m very sure he can do the same for anyone who ask. For what it’s worth, I’ll put in a gold coin. It’s all I have left, please don’t leave me stranded, I just placed a max bet that things will get better.

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