Saturday, February 29, 2020

Black History Month

I’m a black man in America, I served, and like many I have to carry the weight of 400 + years of oppression. I have no problem with anyone outside of my race but history was never kind to my four fathers. I accept that and I try to better myself everyday. Yes, it hurts knowing that your pain and genealogy was cursed at an early age and some drowned at the bottom of the ocean. Yes, it hurts when you have to look into the eyes of a dark woman and see her and her babies jumping overboard in the history books. I turn to education to heal the pain of knowing that the state of a certain kind— black, was cheated. To look at the little black faces in the streets of the world hanging on to little ghetto dreams. I wish I could save the world. I really do. Please respect my writing, I’m far from racist but in honor of those who remember and understand that some things from the past cannot be undone. If I were to die tomorrow, I would have no regrets, but I would leave a letter for the world to read and a picture of a man and woman stripped of all of the world’s glory, beat, raped, chained, hung and lynched. I wish I could save the world, I truly love all of God’s creation. I pray that we will progress, and try not to be bitter, yet try to be a better people. I do believe that God hears us all, yet somethings should never be forgotten. I often have this vision of a child pointing to the bright sun, saying “Look it’s a ball of light and it rises everyday. How great is that.” Peace be with you all. I hope everyone took the time this year to look back and reflect, your itch is there for a reason, scratch it. Much love.

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